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Samples of feedback from people I have treated…

I approached Lesley for hypnotherapy to help with a phobia I developed in childhood. Through the sessions I learned about why I had developed the phobia and how to overcome it.

The sessions worked brilliantly to reduce my anxiety and allow me to be in proximity of butterflies (my phobia) without extreme anxiety and panic.

I would definitely recommend Lesley for hypnotherapy, she was fantastic!"

Thank you ❤️❤️

Kate xx

I was struggling with anxiety and unable to manage it myself, it was gradually getting worse but I felt weak not being able to control. Eventually I reached out to Lesley for help, from day one I felt relaxed, Lesley is professional, friendly and very understanding.

I have had 5 sessions with Lesley both one to one and on-line, after 1 session I began to relax and feel the benefit. I now feel in control and recognise when I need to take action. I continue to regularly use my MP3 recording whenever I feel slightly anxious, I find it invaluable. I found the information fascinating about how the brain works.

I can not thank Lesley enough, she has given me the tools to help me help myself. Thank you.


I asked Lesley, to help me with my anxiety, and worrying over little things, it was affecting my everyday life. When l arrived for my first hypnotherapy session with Lesley she was very welcoming, she made me feel comfortable to be in her company.

She was very confident with everything she needed to do to help me. She listened to what l needed to get out of the session we were having, she was calm and so lovely to be with, which helped when you are an anxious person.

Since having hypnotherapy with Lesley, l have gone from strength to strength, l look forward to every day now in a new light and l look forward to the future in France. Lesley helped me achieve my goal and l will never forget that thank you.


I would absolutely recommend Lesley's services after trying other methods beforehand and being unsuccessful, I found that hypnotherapy was one of the only things that truly shifted my mindset. Lesley is a fantastic listener, always patient and is an all round lovely person.

She was able to help me see things from a much more positive perspective and left me feeling more optimistic. I found in particular that the explanation of the science behind why we think the way we do helped me to better understand my behaviour and therefore work on it from a much clearer standpoint. I couldn't recommend her enough!

Georgia Xxx

I would definitely recommend Lesley.

Lesley has helped me to understand my default to anxiety when in a stressful situation. She has given me the skills to ground myself, and turn my negative thoughts and feelings into positives.

I am aware this is an ongoing process. However, I feel more confident, and in control of my own life. Her genuine caring and personable approach has made the process comfortable and easy.


I went to Lesley to help me to stop smoking & so far so good, I haven't touched a cigarette since! I would definitely recommend Lesley, everything was brilliant.